Exppress Car Wash Franchise Process


The individual should possess the ability to mobilise resources through internal and external means. He/she should have the capability to personally invest around Minimum 15 to 20 Lacs.


The individual should possess 1-3 years of experience in any functional area, preferably at the middle management level, Self employed


Exppress Car Wash Franchise Process


The candidate should have complete knowledge of the regional market.Capital required: Minimum initial investment for the Car wash business project varies from Minimum Rs. 15 Lacs to Rs. 20 Lacs. The investment varies with various factors such as the outlet location, business potential and model selected.

Approximate Area required for the new outlet ranges from 1000 sq. ft. to 1500 sq. ft., The process for selecting a New Business Partner gets initiated from the moment the applicant submits the online application. The selection process takes about 2 to 3 weeks of time from the date of the receipt of the Application. Please see the timetable and obligations for details.

Process Timeline

Step I – Submission of the Online Application

It's Easy! Just visit www.exppresscarwash.com and click on “apply online” under the link “Franchising with us”. The applicant will be provided with the Franchise application form which need to be submitted immediately.

Step II - Information Gathering

The applicant has to gather information pertaining to the location where the ECW Outlet is to be set up. At least choose 2 locations as your preference.

Step III– Meeting with ECW Representatives

The applicant will be called for a discussion with designated ECW Officials about the project at the ECW Regional/Zonal Office.

Step IV– Formulation of Complete Business Proposition

Based on the information collected by the applicant, Business plan is to be created and discussed. This will include the Revenue and Profit Plan for the new ECW outlet.

Exppress Car Wash Franchise Process


Alacrity to share the vision and values of MANMACHINE, Commitment to devote full time attention to the venture or to source professional help in running the venture.

Franchisee Franchisor Relationship is like a Hare

Franchisee Franchisor Relationship is like a Hare -Tortoise, where the Hare carries the tortoise on its back over the ground & the tortoise carries hare, when they cross a river, each capitalizing on its own strength. Initially, when the venture is in the nascent stage, the franchisor bears a role of a gardener & does the entire hand holding at various fronts.