Car polishing can make an old car shine like new

The major enemies of automotive paint are dirt and water splashes that attach to the body of a vehicle. Because of chemical reactions, the pile will cause the paint to fade. If this happens, it doesn't hurt to spend a little time on easy maintenance like cleaning and car polishing to keep your car looking fantastic.

To do this, you must first educate yourself on how to properly polish your automobile with chemicals that will not cause more harm than good. When removing fine stretches and stans from vehicles, some people use compounds, which is incorrect since it erodes the protective layer of paint.

Here we share some automobile waxing, rubbing, and polishing information that can make an old car shine like new.

Why prefer car polishing?

There are two primary reasons why your car's paint becomes dull over time: scratches and pollution. The large gouges and scuffs, which appear white and rough on the clear coat's surface, are simple to see. Even though the clear coat appears to be in good condition at first glance, we can tell you that there are a variety of flaws on the microscopic level, such as marring, spider webs, and hazing. Under strong light or an examination light, you can see these little patches — microscopic scratches that you can't feel with your finger, but they distort the reflections and give the surface a dreary appearance.

Car polishing is one of the processes used to keep a car's paint in good condition. The aim is to have automotive paint that is clean, well-maintained, and free of faults and scratches at all times. While rendering car polish service should not be done haphazardly. It takes multiple processes and precise approaches to enhance the outcomes. To help you grasp this issue better, here are four major advantages of automobile cleaning that you should be aware of.

The procedure of car polishing

There are three sorts of polishing treatments available at auto salons that may be done to the exterior of your car to make it look its best. The processes for each some kind of treatment vary depending on its objective.

Step 1: Cleaning - This treatment is applied to the whole vehicle, including the interior and engine. Regular washing, dry washing, snow washing, and engine cleaning are all methods employed. The goal is to thoroughly clean the automobile to eliminate various filth and stains.

Step 2: Detailing - This treatment is solely applied to the car's surface to improve its look. Polishing is used to eliminate dullness from the automobile; waxing is used to maintain and care for the vehicle and rubbing for the car helps in removing tough stains and marks on the paint surface, making it brighter and shinier.

Step 3: Car Coating - Cleaning, as previously said, attempts to fully remove all dirt and stains in the automobile, whereas detailing strives to improve the car's look. Coating, on the other hand, is a technique that is applied to the complete automobile body and is intended to give more extensive protection.

Types of polishing

  • Hand polishing

We've known about polishing technology that it made the surface polished but it’s more than that. Well, car coating or rubbing polish is applied on the car surface, which preserved them from wear while also improving its beauty. The car's surface became less visible as it grew older. One may treat their car manually with polish, which fills in the scratches and conceals them for a while. However, after 7 to 8 washes, the wax weakens and leaves the vehicle's surface under the impact of the sun, and scratches reappear. As a result, the polish operation must be done multiple times every season.

  • Mechanical polishing

In the mechanical process professional removes the oxidized and deteriorated varnish coat in the car detailing service to restore the paint shine of the car. And to do Special equipment is required such as a polisher’s machine, a pad made of wool, foam, or microfiber, and a chemical with varied grain sizes that works as an abrasive substance, are required to achieve this precisely and without harming the body's paintwork. This is why mechanical polishing is also known as abrasive polishing.


Car polishing can make your car shine like new by removing fine or heavy scratches or defects. This does the paint correction by adding gloss and shine to the paintwork. However, to avail best car polishing services get in touch with Exppress car wash as they are trailblazers in the car washing and detailing industry.