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9H Ceramic Coating: The Way You Can Regain the Lost Car’s Shine

9h ceramic coating which provides the best innovation of anti-scratch proof coating having scratch-resistance for car paint protection from terrible impact. Whether it is the natural forces or say bad luck- nothing can stay new forever. With the passage of time, the factory look starts to fade out along with damages and marks all over either it is any vehicle or any sort of products. While the 9h ceramic coating provides ultimate solution to keep your vehicle new look for long time and this blog from Opti Coat India presents few of the basic reasons why the vehicle painted surface fades out- and not just reason, but even brings down the tips of how you can easily prevent the fading out process to keep your love new forever.



The glossy shine of the painted surface of the vehicle could last literally forever if you park it indoors or place it in the covered parking area for 90 percent of the day. Yes, you might be shocked after reading 90 percent is exactly next to impossible. The main thing that you can perform so as to add protection to your vehicle while moving out on the road and in the sunlight. The only thing that you can do as a layman is to park your vehicle in shade or in any of the enclosed garage whenever it is possible. The other thing that you can do is to use your love less which is again impossible. So, avoiding sunlight is not the solution but to get something that can protect it from direct exposure to sunlight and the best barrier is getting it wrapped in 9H ceramic coating. Proper installation of ceramic coating strictly protects your vehicle from any damage caused by the UV rays- so just a single coat of this vehicle coating can protect the painted surface of your car from the direct exposure of sunlight.


These uses automatically rotating large and rough plastic brushes which can scuff the car painted surface causing fading of the shine and colour of the top layer of car’s exterior surface. if comparing the modern and updated car washes, the vehicle washers simply use gentler foam brushes which don’t cause any sort of damage to the surface and is even softer over them.


If you are living by the seashores, isn’t that amazing? The seashore view, cool breeze, and amazing feeling will surely delight your mood but what about your car. Running your vehicle on roads by the shore will surely affect the glamorous look of your car. The salt compound present in the atmosphere can directly react with the surface of the vehicle for causing oxidation that corrodes the amazing paints and finally results in rusting of the car body. Regular cleaning and frequent car detailing will help you in professionally removing the layered salt coatings. The ceramic coating from the Opti Coat can turn your vehicle impervious to oxidations and other chemical etching that directly affects the appearance of your car.



Pollutants present in the environment can directly lead to the increase in the acid percentage in the rainwater and which will lean slowly towards the acidic parameter on the pH scale. A vehicle which is exposed to the acid rain can easily fade out. The reason behind fading off is the chemical reactions that occur between the car’s painted surface and the rainwater. But you can surely prevent acid rain hampering the exterior surface of your car by two easy steps. As always regular cleaning plays a crucial role and the other one is getting your vehicle coated with a layer of ceramic coating. This thin and clear layer of ceramic coating can protect your car from all adverse effect caused by acid rain directly falling on the exterior surface.

As a car lover, we at Opti Coat India better understand that no matter how busy you are, you will always make an effort to keep your car in healthy condition irrespective of investment. Along with proper car care effort and maintenance, ceramic coating treatment will make sure that the vehicle is invulnerable to all reasons for damages. So, you can keep your car shiny and fresh as it was when you bought it. you can maintain the factory shine forever if you have installed ceramic coating properly.


Car exterior cleaning is an important segment of car detailing procedure. This process is highly welcomed for maintaining the car painted surface quality. Yet, with the wrong usage of the product and detailing techniques, it can directly lead to fading off the shine and look of the painted surface. Not all clothes are suitable for cleaning, wiping or drying car surface. Always try to clean your car using a clean microfiber as they are soft over the paint and won’t cause any sort of damage. You need to be very particular about the cleanliness of cleaning cloth before using it over the surface so as to avoid any sort of damage caused. If you have got a new cleaning cloth for using while applying ceramic coating then always go through the instructions mentioned in the manual provided along with the product.


There exist a wide range of contaminants and other toxic particles in an open environment which turn out to be more dangerous for your car. not just dangerous but even destructive as they are not instantly evident. These environmental pollutants combine to chemically form nitric or sulfuric acid which if permitted to sit over the surface of car can slowly destroy the painted surface. In chemistry terms, these chemicals can eat up the metal body. Get your vehicle properly coated with a shield of 9H ceramic coating so as to provide a protective barrier between pollutants and car surface. apart from this, some minor steps are even required to maintain the health of the car like polishing and waxing of vehicle surface, regular washing and other.

If you want to get a protective shield in form of ceramic coating over your car, please contact Opti Coat India @ 80-100-44000 or visit our website for many more services We have certified installer of ceramic coating and paint protection film under the brand name of OPTI COAT.


Things you don’t know about Teflon Coating for Car

If you think that visiting a new car showroom is the only ultimate feeling of the world, then let me correct you that there exist many better feeling like getting into any car detailing outlet. Yes, obviously you feel happy in any showroom as you are going to invest lots of money in order to make a shiny new car your prized possession. Exactly there exist nothing that can match the level of certain feelings like “getting a new car,” “new car fragrance,” “the shiny exterior” and the feeling of called as “this car owner.” I can say it is fabulous and unmatchable and this is very relative to all class groups whether the car owner is from lower-middle class family, upper-middle class family or even the elite class. Joy is exactly the same for all of them so it’s good to be proud of owing a new shiny car.

But, the real question is how to maintain the car’s new look forever as you are better aware of the damages caused by environmental factors and roads. Don’t worry as car care is very easy just like driving a car with full fuel tank. Just research car detailing industry and get understand what therapy your car needs. There are multiple of car detailing ways that cares about your car health and this car care is conducted at car detailing outlets of your town and in Delhi NCR, the famous ones are The Detailing Mafia and 3M car care. Not just your four-wheeler needs care, the two wheelers which is real for many boys and girls demands same care and thus leading to new segment of bike detailing. The idea behind this blog and such a long introductory paragraph is to deal with one important segment of car detailing and that is “Teflon Coating.”

Describing Teflon Coating:

Teflon coating is one of the types of different types of car coating prevailing in Indian car detailing market like Nano coating, ceramic coating and paint protection film. It is even known as anti-rust coating which is manually applied over the exteriors of your car using quality manpower and latest car care equipment. Teflon is synthesized from fluoropolymer and now has turned generic to the PTFE paint sealant category. The application of Teflon coating protects the car’s painted surface and brings ultimate shine to exterior car body by fighting against issues related to corrosion, any wear tear caused by stones chips, bridging shield between car surface and UV rays.

Where can you apply the Teflon coating without harming car?

By above mentioned paragraph you might be sure enough that application of Teflon coating (also known as PTFE Coating) is basically meant for exterior surface of the car but let me confirm you that you even go far more than this. This means Teflon coating can confidently be done under the body of your love. The under body car cleaning and coating is very common in Indian detailing market and most of the car owners prefer to go for this under body Teflon coating. 

Application process of Teflon Coating on the car:

  • Washing: the very initial step of car coating is proper washing of car. This process is important to make car free from all sort of contaminants like dirt, grimes lying over the painted surface and the plastic parts. The segment is washed off easily using a mild soap or car wash shampoo and further it wiped off using steam or water. Once done with washing process, the car surface is properly wiped using dry microfiber towels. Make sure to use a clean cloth so as to avoid any kind of scratch marks over the painted surface of the car.
  • Polishing: this step mainly involves the car polish application over the painted car surface. This process is mainly conducted before the application of the Teflon Coating so as to get best possible shine after coating process is completed. This polishing process can turn the dull car painted surface to shiny one. You can expect better look of older car once this polishing step is properly done and completed. The differences of before and after results of polishing is easily visible on black and you can easily compare on them.
  • Teflon Coating: this is the final step of bringing back of the lost shine of the car along with adding a layer of protection. The smell of Teflon is pungent but the result after application is awesome. The smell slowly disappears as the coating dries up. A soft cloth is used for Teflon coating application. It is left to settle down properly so as to get the best possible outcome.

Science of Teflon Coating:

When the Teflon coating liquid is allowed to dry up, it strongly bonds to the car surface. This is the time to use other cotton cloth to apply over the surface and form a thin transparent layer of shiny car coating. This Teflon coating or say any car coating application is a tough task it demands lots of efforts, patience and time. Some detailers prefer to manually apply the coating where as there are companies that uses equipment for every single step so as to bring ease to work, reduce time taken and get ultimate result. Once the detailer finds that the coating has dried up, they wipe out again using a clean cloth so as to free the surface from any leftover or residual.

Things to remember regarding Teflon Coating:

  • Once the coating is applied, detailer or say experts advice not use soap or any other harsh detergent over the car surface instantly as this can reduce the applied Teflon Coating thickness. In place of that, they guide you to wash your car using pH neutral shampoo which is easily available on any auto detailing stores.
  • Teflon coating can recover the lost shine of your car but it doesn’t guarantee you of complete removal of the scratch mark after completion of the application process. Every product and coating has its own limitation so does this Teflon coating have.


Every car coating has its own importance and limitations; you need to be specific in your need. This means there are customers who are satisfied just by car waxing process where as there are customers who go for Paint protection film installation. So every customer has their own needs for their car and for us all of our customers are equal no matter they ask for normal car wash or want ceramic coating. So, care your car today by getting a proper Teflon coating done by professional. If you want to get relevant price of car Teflon coating then you should go through Exppress Car Wash because they provides best and reliable Teflon coating price for cars. Book you slot for getting by dialling 80-100-44000.

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