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Enhance your driving experience with our car cleaning services!

Exppress Car Wash is dedicated in car cleaning and solutions and its endeavor is to bring a clean car culture for the people. Our core proficiency lies in car detailing business, foam wash, steam car wash and care, paint protection and automatic car wash service. Our technicians are specialists in all domains of cleaning and even underbody coating and polishing the car to give it a sparkling and clean look! We look forward to provide car service to our customers in such a way that they can get them just like it's brand new in the shortest possible time. In our car wash business the services we offer to you are competitive as per the industry standards and are very cost effective. You can compare it yourself and then realize how different we are from others. We're also involved in the franchise business in India that gives us the opportunity to serve you in diverse locations.

"Serioulsy, WOW!! I can see why you guys are busy!! Best, most professional opti-coat treatment ever... Hard to imagine an Opti-Coat outlet that is fully automatic with everything. You guys literally transformed my car... Time and cost effective, just brilliant - Thank you so much my 7 years old Safari is shining!
Amit Singh (Delhi)
"They should open other places as well. This one is outstanding for car wash and detailing service."
Diya Sinha (Gurgaon)
"I found out about this place from a friend & went along to the opening for a free wash. I was impressed with the no fuss easy access to the wash and when I needed some help to upgrade to the wash with the lot, the friendly staff was on hand to help. After just 20 minutes I was through and my car was sparkling. Surprisingly my rims were cleaner than ever & even my tires were blackened! And I get to vacuum free for as long as I need to. Thank you so much for a great job."
Rajesh Singh (Delhi)
"I went there first time to get the better results and package. Found it quite good, and the coffee was better than expected. While it's not the same as spending hours dying I think for the price I will be dropping my car in every few months to get the better washed."
Anik Kumar (Ghaziabad)
"I am loving this place. I was tempted with the free car wash for new cars. Couldn't be more convinced with their car wash. After looking at my dusty car for about a month, it looks brand new again. Highly recommend that you wipe your car dry with a micro fiber cloth (lucky me, the owner provided me with one). Went frenzy on the vacuum, cleaning every spot I can find, this service is free. The car wash was quick and it’s no doubt, really clean. I would definitely recommend this place. I will come back at least once a month."
Poonam Singh (New Delhi)
"I recently had my BMW detail cleaned and was so impressed that I took our other two cars in and had them done as well. Attention to detail was excellent, specific points that I asked about were simply taken care of, nothing was too much trouble and the coffee in the cafe was very much enjoyed. My husband is delighted at having a nice fresh car. Well done, keep up the good work, I will be back soon."
Monika Choudhary (Gurgaon)
"Had my Mercedes detailed here including car wash, polish and interior detail. Car has never looked so good. No residue polish in door apertures and guard lines like most carwashes. Fantastic work guys!"
Priyanka Singh (Delhi)
"A little crack in the wall centre with brilliant service and matching quality care for my car. I'll be coming back. If you have not been here before - do yourself a favour and check these outlet."
Tinku Kumar (Delhi)
"Excellent car wash service with satisfactory results. Quick and efficient work. Highly recommended."
Rohan Mehra (Delhi)
"Experts in car wash and car care, value for money and satisfaction guaranteed. Keep it up ECW"
Yogesh Bakliwal (Faridabad)
"Hi, i just visited noida outlet with my car....i must say you guys are great...keep up the good work. Excellent work done.... i just wanna thank you."
Gaurav Kumar (Noida)
"I always take my car to Exppress Car Wash. They are excellent and awesome. Experts and professionals take care of my car. Keep up the good work..guys you ROCKS>>>>"
Stephen Nath (Delhi)
"Thnx to Faizan Mansoor for bringing this service to Our City... its worth every penny!!!"
Syed Faizan (Allahabad)
"Really I miss this place. I live in Varanasi now and still go there to get my car washed and polished. They are good on price and the speed is relative to the level of quality of the clean. On top of this, they remember me each time and get looked after very well. I recently put my 2nd car on the market and before i did this I got the whole outside and inside intensely detailed as well as having them repair scratches and dings. The car came out of it looking like new and definatley better both my selling price and the speed at which it sold. Would highly reccomend exppress car wash team if you are looking to have the car detailed before sale. I will continue to go back to them- coffee isn't too bad either and i think the service is top class Thanks Exppress Car Wash."
Hitesh Patel (Varanasi)
"I have been to Noida Car wash outlet and experienced amazing detailing services by skilled staff, am really impressed!!! with such a world class treatment."
Priya (Greater Noida)
"I recommend exppress car wash to my friends n family members, they are running a business that knows the value of its customers. If you want a quality car wash for an affordable price, go to exppress car wash."

Amardeep Singh (Jammu)
"I want to take this opportunity to commend your staff for a great detailing job on my car. I am very pleased with the service I receive from your staff and the quality of their work. I will definitely recommend your business to my friends and family."

Sandeep Bhatia ( Rajpura )
"I love the monthly wash value card. Easy to budget and I always have a clean car. I also like the location, quality of wash and the staff service."

Gaurav Jain ( Bangalore )
"Best car wash in Exppress Car Wash. It's the only one I will go to. Great coupons.Fast, clean, affordable. I love the price and the great location. The people are very friendly."

Sarabjeet Singh (Gurgaon)
Fast and friendly service! Price, quality and professionalism. Easy, convenient location, quick. Wet wipe is nice too.

Kashif Faizal (Jodhpur)
"Easy to get a car wash, great wash, and convenient location. Efficiency, no wait time, great service, convenient unlimited monthly wash cards."

Sanjeev Goyal (Noida)

What we aim is to give you complete value of your money and provide you with the highest standards of services. Our main goal is to bring customer satisfaction in every business opportunity which we take up. Our team focuses on not just quality, but to provide you branded materials and the personal touch which you don't get everywhere.

If you ask us what is key to our unflinching success every time, then it is our repeat business which we get from our customers who have used our services and are assured that we'll always provide them the best. We're also involved in car detailing business, so if you're looking for one, then you have landed in the right place. No other car wash company offers you the detailing which we provide you.

The equipment we use to take care of your car is state of the art and the car wax which are used by us are best in the industry. Our experts and fully trained staff always use the best solutions to take care of your car in such a way that it has never been looked before. The appearance of your automobile will be maintained at all levels and you will never have complaints from our car wash company.
Stop giving your car to be cleaned by the watchman, guard or your servant, they do not specialize in this service and we are the specialists who're meant to provide you the car care. We use the latest equipment and tools to give automatic car wash to your car and our services are really affordable and economical.

What you need to do is just pick up the phone and give us a buzz on our helpline numbers and even before you know, we’ll provide you our car cleaning service in the most professional manner.

Forget all the hassles with your car, we assure you'll love our services and your car too!